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"Whitney's workshops, classes and life coaching have all resonated with some part of me that was ready to be moved through in that moment. Her offerings offer embodiment, experience and passion, while tailoring to my (and/or the class's) specific needs. I've always felt encouraged to explore the moment in new ways with her, while listening to my own limits of comfort."

Kate M.

Mindfulness Facilitator

Hi! I'm Whitney.

I am a certified Somatic Coach, Dance/Movement Facilitator, and Human Design Guide. I use movement and other somatic tools to help people recognize and stay in their joy, access inspiration, gain clarity and perspective, manage stress, and regulate their nervous systems. 

In my own life, I have had to find new ways to cultivate joy, recognize my worth, and exist without the crutches of my past. I have had to find my authenticity by examining my beliefs, thoughts, patterns, and actions. In doing this work for myself, I unlocked a deep desire to help others do the same.

I recently graduated from an intensive Somatic Coaching program and am currently pursuing ICF certification as a professional coach.

Somatic Coaching

Somatic Coaching helps you to cultivate a deeper self-awareness and access the whole spectrum of thought, sensation, and feeling to breakthrough old stories, unconscious beliefs, and stuck patterns. This style of life coaching allows for creative ways of working that are rooted in mindfulness and a variety of body-oriented tool, therapies, interventions, and principles. 

Human Design

Human Design is a self-discovery system, based in astrology, the Chakra system, and the I Ching, that can provide you with a guide on who you are here to be, how to best engage with the world on an energetic level, and help you to make more aligned and confident decisions. I can help you to navigate your chart & practically apply this knowledge to your life. 

Intuitive or Group Movement

Body-Oriented Intuitive Movement is a somatic experience that helps you to access present moment experience through the lens of the body to first explore, then regulate, and finally invite more expansion and joy into your life. I facilitate this experience with individuals within the context of 1:1 coaching as well as in partner, small, and large group sessions.

Upcoming Events

Mindful Movement Workshop

The Mindful Movement workshop is a progressive movement concept created by Whitney Pyles. It weaves together journaling, mindfulness/embodiment practices, stretch, yoga, intuitive movement and dance to create a unique & expansive experience.


February 18



GR Sports Massage

2820 Woodmeadow Drive SE


$10-30 suggested donation

Venmo: @Whitney-Pyles or cash day of

I absolutely love Mindful Movement. It is unlike any other exercise experience I've tried. The opportunity to spend some time on introspection with journaling and gentle stretching, followed by the space to let loose and really enjoy movement and play, is unique, healing, and FUN!

Christine M.

Clinical Therapist

Upcoming Retreats

Wellness Retreat MI

Wellness Retreat MI was co-created by Whitney Pyles and Megan Dupuy. They facilitate experiences that encourage holistic wellness, authentic connection, and mutual growth.

The main focus of WRM is building lasting and inclusive community through events and workshops that empower people to begin, continue, and diversify their wellness journeys by introducing them to new and familiar practices, supportive community members, and knowledgeable facilitators.

Next Retreat: 

March 10 – 11

Belmont, MI